Cyber City Corpos

From Alpha Artificial to Zeus Zoological, the 26 corporations that make up the Cyber City Corpo Syndicate have every inch of industry covered. Their common goal is simple: make money. And when that’s achieved: make more money. In fact, they’re so hellbent on making money, the Corpos went ahead and invented their own money: Corpo Bucks. Their industrial stranglehold rendered the government useless, now their skewed monetary policy keeps their dystopian direction firmly in place. Flanked by militant security and first in line to the latest cybernetic enhancements, these jet-set elites stop at nothing to protect their wealth and develop new business opportunities.
Who better to lead this faceless gang of suits in their destructive pursuit of riches than CEO Geoff Hunter; his own featureless face the result of one too many experimental enhancements. Unbeknownst to his closest confidants, Hunter’s days on this planet are numbered. Motivated by his morbidity, Hunter has developed an out-of-office alter-ego, Krueger, who roams the City at night unleashing demonic AI holograms. One by one, these toxic souls rise from their ooze and wreak havoc on the streets of Cyber City. Krueger’s twisted legacy is set for eternal remembrance as his holograms penetrate the paranoid minds of the City’s crazed citizens.
Lined with mahogany furniture and aquarium walls, the lavish interiors of the Corpo offices are the only places you’ll experience nature within the limits of the City. Keep your eyes peeled while on Corpo territory as things are not always what they seem. Poisoned beverages, electrified handles, acidic pens and trap doors are just some of the tactics they’ll use to clinch the deal. Have you seen how well fed those piranhas are?