Explore Cyber City

Cyber City forms the gritty urban backdrop to Cyber Syndicate’s futuristic setting, where humans, artificial intelligence and cybernetic enhancements merge into a corrupt dystopia devoid of all law and order. With danger present around every corner, players must show allegiance to a faction in order to stand any chance of survival in this malicious metropolis.

The streets of Cyber CIty are divided into 6 territories, each one dominated by their own controlling factions. Mission Zero houses all 6 factions within a single action-packed 14 level tower experience.

  • The Mercs run a highly profitable operation out of Cyber City’s Downtown district. This army of outcasted soldiers, ruthless assassins and brutal bodyguards are united in their loyalty and pride themselves on getting the job done. Whether you have a target to snipe, a deal to crash or a VIP in need of close protection, this gang of not so merry men have the tools for the job.

  • The Tyger Fangz gang is a formidable force to be reckoned with on the murky backstreets of Cyber City’s Japan Town. Once a respectable importer of augmented reality tools, the Tyger Fangz have since resorted to extorting their own people in the name of protection. Come to Japan Town for the lively markets and bonsai-lined dojos but make sure you leave before sunset.

  • Lined with mahogany furniture and aquarium walls, the lavish interiors of the Corpos offices are the only places you’ll experience nature within the limits of Cyber City. The jet-set Corpos stop at nothing to protect their wealth and develop new business opportunities while retaining control over Cyber City with an iron fist.

  • Venomous snakes and black widows guard the halls of the Hoodoo's hangout, where jittery dopamine fiends come for their regular brain pump sessions. Protected by powerful curses and black magic rituals, the abandoned district of Bondieu is no place to outstay your welcome.

  • Drawn away from the corruption and pollution of Cyber City are the rebellious Nomads, the resourceful wanderers of the City’s outskirts. Threatened by hazardous toxic waste, the Nomads now find themselves re-entering the City, leveraging their customized tech to take on adventurous jobs. These cunning rebels are self-sufficient and stand for nobody’s rules but their own.

  • The Foxes are an all-girl gang that dominate the streets of Cyber City’s Inner Circle, raising hell and partying hard while doing so. Don’t let their foxy looks or sassy style distract your better judgment; these chicks are tough as nails.

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