Cyber City has gone through many developments throughout its colorful history but the Bondieu district has barely seen a cent of investment. Bondieu is home to the Hoodoos, Queen Marielle’s family business that traces its roots back to the glory days of rich Caribbean imports. Rival factions have lost many a bloody deal on Hoodoo turf, a phenomenon best put down to the gang’s powerful curses and black magic rituals. None know this better than the Tyger Fangz; their bitter rivalry as old as the City’s first bricks and roads.
When Queen Marielle took over the reins of the family business, she modernized their practices. Narcotics had long been the lifeblood of the street gang’s business but Marielle had much more than streetsmarts to fall back on. Highly educated and financially savvy, Marielle leveraged her advanced engineering skills to create something far more powerful than powders and herbs. Through a breakthrough in cybernetic skull implants, she found a gateway to unleash industrial-level dopamine past the human blood-brain barrier. Jittery addicts from all walks of life now flock to her infamous brainpump sessions. Her buyers are hooked, literally.
Away from the bright neon and futuristic vibes of Cyber City, Marielle’s frail customers tread carefully past rusty scaffolding and abandoned tram carriages, only to be greeted by the venomous snakes and black widows that guard the halls of her Hoodoo hangout. Pay up, hook up, but don’t outstay your welcome, lest any resting spirits awake from their slumber.