Welcome, Newcomer

Laser-eyed drones swerve between the tainted glass of densely stacked skyscrapers. A field of abandoned cars rests patiently below. Relentless neon lights, screaming for attention, mimic the crowded souls howling silently for escape as they trample through the faceless blur of hurried foot traffic. A foggy side alley offering respite from the frenzy is interrupted by a menacing hologram as it rises from the ooze of a toxic waste puddle.
Welcome Newcomer, to Cyber City.
The year is 2099 and crime rates have never been higher, but who’s counting anymore? Encrypted communication channels are increasingly unstable and there’s a premium to be paid for reliable intel. Cybernetic enhancements encroach every aspect of daily life and intercranial hackings are commonplace occurrences in this gritty metropolis. Nobody knows for sure if their thoughts and memories are truly their own.
The collective paranoia of losing one’s mind is the single force that unites an otherwise disparate bunch of urban misfits. Survival in Cyber City means choosing a faction, this is no place for lone wolves. In a world gone wrong, your allegiance to your crew is all that counts, so choose wisely, Newcomer.