Tyger Fangz

Steeped in a deep tradition of respect and honor, yet tainted by their greed for money and technology, Oroku Shuriken’s Tyger Fangz gang is a formidable force to be reckoned with on the murky backstreets of Cyber City’s Japan Town. Their traditional ways of old don’t sit well with the dystopian vision of the city’s corrupt Corpos, a deep rift that has led to one too many failed deals between the powerful factions. Once a respectable importer of augmented reality tools, the Tyger Fangz have since resorted to extorting their own people in the name of protection.
Oroku Shuriken has collected many pinkies in his time as leader of the Tygers. Offering one’s little finger to this ruthless leader is the bare minimum when showing remorse for any wrongdoings. Shuriken’s legendary wrath is often likened to the strength of a thousand tigers amongst the many nervous owners of the neighborhood’s food stalls and sake halls.
Come to Japan Town for the lively markets and bonsai-lined dojos but make sure you leave before sunset. As the darkness of night creeps in and the neon starts to flicker, high-velocity bullets riddle the misty back alleys of this forsaken territory. Those brave enough to do business with the Eastern Empire must respect the silent words of Oroku Shuriken’s dragon-sleeved soldiers. If a pinkie’s the price for membership, imagine what serves as payment for betrayal.