From laser-eyed drones to demonic holograms, intracranial hackings and rampant crime, the streets of Cyber City are a frightful place; a gritty dystopia where no Citizen should ever walk alone. The year is 2099 and your only chance of survival is to faction up, Newcomer.

6 gnarly crews await your arrival, each one riddled with their own trials and tribulations, each one as vicious and menacing as the next. From the terrifying Tyger Fangz, to the corrupt Corpos, nimble Nomads, fearless Foxes, haunted Hoodoos and malicious Mercs, factioning up is the first step to take in this brutal environment.

Mission Zero introduces players to Cyber City, placing them in an intricate 14 floor tower building filled with thrilling quests, challenges, obstacles and objectives. This Sandbox 1x1 plot is the perfect teaser for what’s to come in the larger Cyber Syndicate metaverse experience.

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