Drawn away from the corruption and pollution of Cyber City, are Kenny Waste and his rebellious Nomads, the resourceful wanderers of the City’s outskirts. In a chaotic world devoid of order, Nomads provide the de-facto logistical support for the City’s various factions. Not much attention is paid to these hard-working couriers as they slither in and out of the City, fulfilling their transport duties. Little do people know of their secret treasure trove kept deep within their badlands hideout.
Kenny Waste’s distaste for the City dates back to his days as a cybernetic engineer, when he witnessed the brutal destruction of nature that fuelled the growth of the Corpos tech empire. Disgusted and disillusioned, Kenny left the City to explore the badlands where he came across a forgotten burial ground of dysfunctional cyborgs and half-finished augmented reality gadgets. Kenny went on to recruit a trusted family of like-minded eco warriors who help defend the site and innovate on the powerful equipment. Now, with hazardous toxic waste threating their existence, the Nomads are re-entering the City, leveraging their customized tech to take on more adventurous jobs and giving the Mercs a run for their money.
Step outside Cyber City and you’ll find the Nomads roaming peacefully, but enter their secret den and you’ll be met with ferocious anger. These cunning rebels are self-sufficient and stand for nobody’s rules but their own.