Avatar Traits

Base Avatars

95 unique avatars, including six faction leaders, have been manually pre-designed voxel by voxel and form the base collection for the potential 2,222 avatars that will make up Cyber Syndicate’s first collection. The remaining 2127, avatars will be generated using trait randomization derived from the 95 base avatars. The chances of acquiring a unique 1-of-1 base avatar are 4.28% (95/2,222).

Each avatar will automatically be attributed to its particular faction, enabling access to exclusive areas of the territory. In addition, various physical traits will add elements of style to their appearance.

Six traits in total will define the appearance of each Cyber Syndicate avatar:

  1. Head

  2. Torso

  3. Legs

  4. Skin tone

  5. Sex

  6. Faction

Head Traits

The head trait correlates to the name given to unique base avatars in the Cyber Syndicate lore. So far, 22 avatars have been mentioned in the lore, including all the leaders from the six factions.

The following list mentions the names and factions of all 95 base avatars:

Torso and Legs

Besides their heads, each avatar also consists of separate torso and leg sections.

The torso section consists of:

  • Chest

  • Belly

  • Left forearm

  • Right forearm

  • Left arm

  • Right arm

  • Left hand

  • Right hand

The legs section is made up of the following elements:

  • Hip

  • Left thigh

  • Right thigh

  • Left leg

  • Right leg

  • Left foot

  • Right foot

For example, Nomad member Krustee’s full avatar is built out 3 in distinct trait groups.

Krustee (full avatar)

Krustee (head)

Krustee (torso)

Krustee (legs)

The following renders show the distinct trait groups that combine to create Tyger Fangz member Kagemoto.

Kagemoto (full avatar)

Kagemoto (head)

Kagemoto (torso)

Kagemoto (legs)

Finally, here is a closer inspection of Merc leader Curt Bonoi.

Curt Bonoi (full avatar)

Curt Bonoi (head)

Curt Bonoi (torso)

Curt Bonoi (legs)

Avatar Randomization Process

Built from these independent trait groups, the 95 base avatars have unique appearances. Taking some Tyger Fangz members for example, we can see how the groups combine to give these unique looks.

Ryu Yopparai’s base avatar consists of the “Biker Punk” torso and “Biker Punk” legs traits:

Satoshi Yoshimoto’s base avatar however consists of the “Red Biker Suit” torso and “Red Biker Suit” legs traits:

Fellow Tyger Fangz member Kyojo The Ripper has a “Cyber Yakuza” torso and “Yakuza” legs:

During the minting phase, it is possible that a randomized Tyger Fangz avatar receives a mix of both Red Biker Suit and Biker Punk traits, while also receiving a head from a different faction member’s base avatar, such as Kyojo The Ripper’s head.

The randomization of head, torso and leg traits will occur solely within the allocated factions, as defined by the base avatars. Additional filters such as sex and skin tone are automatically applied to keep their appearances consistent.

A meticulous manual review ensured that all randomizations are in line with the general aesthetics of Cyber Syndicate. By the team painstakingly taking time with this process, purchasers of freshly minted avatars can rest assured that the quality of the final product is exactly as expected. Each avatar is handpicked, a novel process that has never been done before with Sandbox avatars.

These six traits combine to form a complete Cyber Syndicate 3D voxel avatar, with each dynamic avatar having a total of 158 animations. When minted, the 3D avatars are fully Sandbox game compatible.

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