Project Partnerships

A large-scale, innovative undertaking like Cyber Syndicate relies upon strategic partnerships to support the project throughout its various stages of development. The Cyber Syndicate team has struck up partnerships with key players in the Web3 industry.

The Sandbox

​The Sandbox is the leading metaverse gaming ecosystem. Home to many exciting games, exclusive events and decentralized communities, this expansive virtual world excels in its application of NFT technology and play-to-earn mechanics.

Orange Trail

​Orange Trail is the strategic marketing partner chosen for Cyber Syndicate’s avatar collection launch. With several successful NFT collections under their belt, Cyber Syndicate’s community engagement is in good hands.


​Adshares is a community developed project bringing affiliate marketing knowhow and technology to the metaverse. The Adshares team plans to collaborate with Cyber Syndicate to explore business promotion within Cyber City, opening the door for affiliate commissions for faction DAOs.

MetaTheory Studio

​MetaTheory Studio is a team of metaverse creators specializing in voxel design for Sandbox games and experiences. Their aim is to bring the metaverse within everyone's reach. As experienced metaverse architects and planners, MetaTheory is helping Cyber Syndicate build fun and memorable experiences for all involved with the project.