Project Partnerships

A large-scale, innovative undertaking like Cyber Syndicate relies upon strategic partnerships to support the project throughout its various stages of development. The Cyber Syndicate team has struck up partnerships with key players in the Web3 industry.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is the leading metaverse gaming ecosystem. Home to many exciting games, exclusive events and decentralized communities, this expansive virtual world excels in its application of NFT technology and play-to-earn mechanics.


Adshares is a community developed project bringing affiliate marketing knowhow and technology to the metaverse. The Adshares team plans to collaborate with Cyber Syndicate to explore business promotion within Cyber City, opening the door for affiliate commissions for faction DAOs.

Orange Trail

Orange Trail is the strategic marketing partner chosen for Cyber Syndicate’s avatar collection launch. With several successful NFT collections under their belt, Cyber Syndicate’s community engagement is in good hands.

MetaTheory Studio

MetaTheory Studio is a team of metaverse creators specializing in voxel design for Sandbox games and experiences. Their aim is to bring the metaverse within everyone's reach. As experienced metaverse architects and planners, MetaTheory is helping Cyber Syndicate build fun and memorable experiences for all involved with the project.


Cyber Syndicate avatars will be living on the Polygon blockchain and deployable in the Sandbox metaverse which also resides on Polygon. Polygon is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees without ever sacrificing on security.


Say hello to LayerZero, an omnichain interoperability protocol. LayerZero enables the realization of cross-chain applications with a low level communication primitive. The Cyber Syndicate project is happy to work with LayerZero to deliver our NFTs on a multi-chain environment, providing more flexibility for our holders.


OpenSea is the world’s first and largest web3 marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles. Browse, create, buy, sell, and auction NFTs using OpenSea where you will also find Cyber Syndicate NFTs on the secondary market.


An NFT payment gateway provider offering the easiest way to buy and sell NFTs. NFTpay allows anyone to buy NFTs quickly with a credit card. Cyber Syndicate is happy to partner with NFTpay in order to provide flexible purchase options for our NFT collection.

Double Protocol

Double Protocol is a fully decentralized and open-source NFT rental protocol and marketplace for Metaverse and GameFi assets. The Cyber Syndicate has strategically partnered with Double Protocol to make our NFT assests rentable, providing additional revenue generation opportunities for our holders.


MetaLogics is a leading web 3.0 services agency that offers a comprehensive range of smart contracts, web development, and blockchain solutions. Their team of experts specializes in creating high-quality, optimized and cost-effective smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. MetaLogics is the premier developer partner of Cyber Syndicate for building out our smart contracts.