Beefs in Cyber City get shredded by the pros. With all the backstabbing and land grabbing going on, Curt Bonoi and his Mercs run a highly profitable operation. Their army of outcasted soldiers, ruthless assassins and brutal bodyguards are united in their loyalty. Mercs pride themselves on getting the job done, no matter what the cost. Whether you have a target to snipe, a deal to crash or a VIP in need of close protection, Curt and his gang of not so merry men have the tools for the job.
Following a botched mission while heading up the Presidential security entourage, Curt Bonoi found himself out of a job and down one arm. Spurred on by his unceremonious ejection, Curt wasted no time in crafting his army of specialized tradesmen. Filled with newfound purpose, these mercenary outcasts now serve impartial justice to the rifting factions of Cyber City. Curt instils commitment and respect into the minds of his Mercs, a tight-knit army that he rules with his cybernetic iron fist.
The endless shadows casted by Downtown’s skyscrapers form a dangerous breeding ground for violence and disorder. The Mercs bring order to the chaos but keep mostly to themselves. Interfere with their business however and you’ll pay the highest of prices, as many a meddling Nomad has come to witness.