Structure and Environment

Mission Zero’s tower building is made of 14 floors, each one distinct in its own particular way.

  • -2 Hoodoos Lab: dark, eerie and engulfed with toxic smoke, this underground area serves as the main area for the Hoodoo faction.

  • -1 Hoodoos Lab / Resistance Briefing Bunker: similar in look and feel to level -2, this area houses the Hoodoos but also contains the Resistance faction’s secret Briefing Bunker.

  • 0 Mercs / Outside Environment: the dark, foggy night serves as the environmental backdrop to Mission Zero’s.starting point. Inside, a chaotic, industrial area awaits and is guarded by the Mercs faction.

  • 1 Mercs: similar in look and feel to level 0.

  • 2 Mercs: similar in look and feel to level 0. A portal to a vibrant nightclub can also be found here.

  • 3 Mercs: similar in look and feel to level 0.

  • 4 General - Rooftop: a neutral, open-air platform between floors gives characters a chance to breathe before they continue their ascent in search of more signal boosters.

  • 5 Foxes - Concert Zone: a large open area, lit with flashing lights and pulsing lasers sets the stage for the Foxes feisty Concert Zone.

  • 6 Foxes - Concert Zone Upper Level: this floor is a continuation of floor 5 and houses a VIP room.

  • 7 Corpos - Loft: lavish marble floors and mahogany paneled walls decorate this Corpos level of the building.

  • 8 Tyger Fangz - Dojo: a serene dojo environment, complete with bonsai trees and meditative Tyger Fangz faction members.

  • 9 General - Rooftop: another open air platform, similar in look and feel to level 4.

  • 10 Nomads - Military Base: a futuristic and highly technical command and control center, filled with the Nomad’s cutting edge communication and surveillance equipment.

  • 11 General - Rooftop with Antenna: the final level is yet again open air, exposing the player to Cyber City’s night sky. This is where the antenna can be found.

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