Throughout Cyber City you will find characters in need of your help. From delivering packages, to finding lost persons, acquiring important items, and taking out high level targets, there are countless opportunities for exciting gameplay.

The characters from the 6 factions are led by their exceptional leaders, each one gifted with deep backstories. In Mission Zero, the various faction leaders are located in different levels of the building, surrounded by their fellow faction members.

  • Vicky Violet (Foxes) playing at her concert venue.

  • Oroku Shuriken (Tyger Fangz) meditating in his dojo.

  • Kenny Waste (Nomad) managing the command center.

  • Queen Marielle (Hoodoos) experimenting in the brainpump lab.

  • Curt Bonoi (Mercs) socializing in the night club.

  • Krueger (Corpo) conspiring in the executive office.

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