With no true place to call home, Foxes patrol the streets of Cyber City’s Inner Circle, raising hell and partying hard while doing so. Foxes are dependable hires and are often spotted accompanying Nomads and Mercs on their most challenging jobs. With their healthy disdain for all things corporate, these femmes fatales represent everything that the suits do not.
Despite being raised by the same single mother, Rosa and Victoria Mirella couldn’t be any more different from each other. Their sisterly rift sank to deadly proportions when jealous Rosa, chairwoman of Zeus Zoological, pushed Victoria from the Cyber Ball lookout. Saved by a dumpster, Victoria was kept awake by the licking of a startled fox. An all-girl punk band discovered her crushed body and took her in to recover. Rocked by the story of her sister’s betrayal and united in their quest to ruin the Corpos, the furious females teamed up and gave their chosen leader Victoria her new name: Vicky Violet.
Don’t let their foxy looks or sassy style distract your better judgment; these chicks are tough as nails. Cyber City’s Inner Circle is the place to be if you want to party; but be on your best behavior when around these ladies as any backtalk or dirty moves will have you counting your teeth off the floor.