Metaverse Activities

When Cyber City opens its doors to the public, players will be able to visit virtual shops and partake in a variety of exciting gaming activities such as faction battles, competitions and missions. Successful gamers have the chance to win rewards, including tokens, special roles, in-game items, NFT wearables and additional Cyber Syndicate avatars.
Given the Web3 nature of the project, rewards can also be earned from revenue generated from special events, sales of future collections and metaverse advertising. 10% of revenue from weapons and items secondary sales royalties will be allocated to holders as well as the revenues from future collection royalites. Royalties from initial collection mint will be reinvested to the development of the project.
The Cyber Syndicate team is working on a long-term partnership with Adshares to create an affiliate advertising program exclusive to Cyber Syndicate avatar holders. This unique Web3 partnership allows for holders to earn a percentage of advertising revenues through the Adshares ad serving platforms. Commissions can be earned for every publisher or advertiser on-boarded by the Syndicate.