ERC-20 Token

The Cyber Syndicate team intends to launch an ERC-20 utility token. Having a token would be a useful way in introduce a native cryptocurrency into the lore and ecosystem of the project. Use cases for a native ERC-20 token include, but are not limited to:
  • Purchasing NFT wearables and in-game items
  • Minting future avatar collections
  • Purchasing badges, allowing holders to choose their faction in advance
  • Rewarding holders for their metaverse activities
Designing a token requires careful planning in order to achieve solid tokenomics and should not be rushed. The release of avatars and building the City’s infrastructure are currently the main focus of the team’s attention, therefore the token release will be scheduled for later on in the project roadmap. Stay connected to Cyber Syndicate’s social feeds to keep updated on the tokenomics and the eventual launch details.