Cyber Syndicate Team

Aaron Ferris
Serial entrepreneur with 10 years of experience building digital media companies and an obsession for blockchain technology and gaming.
Rohaan Khan
Marketing Manager
Expert Marketing strategist with 8 years experience, leading the marketing campaigns for the project using multi-channel paid advertising with deep understanding of Web3 projects.
Jason Glynn
Content Writer
Freelance copywriter with three years experience in the world of Web3. The creative genius behind our lore and storytelling.
Sumeed Afzal
Full-stack developer with 9 years of experience that has worked on 80+ blockchain projects.
Nehme Mdawar
Collab Manager
Seasoned collaboration and partnership strategist with 4+ years experience in Web3 having worked on 18 successful NFT projects.
Community Manager
A rising talent and our dear community host and speaker that has worked with several notable Web3 projects such as McLaren MSO & Metawin.
Edoardo Mazzetto
Voxel Engineer
Founder of Meta Theory Studio and award winning voxel asset engineer building high quality metaverse experiences.