A cyberpunk infused GameFi and Media experience leveraging the Sandbox's land and game mechanics
Cyber Syndicate is an upcoming metaverse project leveraging The Sandbox’s land and game mechanics. Based in Cyber City, this innovative and futuristic project incorporates NFTs with rich Cyberpunk inspired lore, forming the base for numerous Web3 activities and experiences. An upcoming NFT mint on the Ethereum blockchain will see the release of 3,333 unique 3D VX gaming avatars into the ecosystem and unlock a variety of access perks and rewards for avatar owners. The 3D avatars will mint on the Polygon PoS chain, where they will reside in a highly scalable, low fee environment better suited to the demands of Web3 gaming.
Holders of the VX avatars can participate in immersive Sandbox games, missions and attend exclusive events (both online and real-world). Holding Cyber Syndicate avatars will also allow entry to holder-only access areas within the game world.
Occasional airdrops of wearables and in-game items such as weapons or armor allow for an organic ecosystem to develop as these additional NFTs will be able to be bought and sold on secondary markets.
Proceeds from Web3 commerce, advertising, entertainment and gaming activities, alongside revenue from the minting of future avatar collections, bring value to the ecosystem and can provide additional rewards for active community members.
As the project matures and expands, a decentralized token will be launched to support the collection of future avatars and in-game NFT assets (accessories, weapons, wearables, etc.). Web3 commerce in this futuristic sci-fi metaverse will be facilitated through virtual shops, where players can get access to in-game items, event tickets and access rights to exclusive areas.